More than striving. More than surviving. We are exploring Black life lived in the immensity of the outside.

Revolution Ready is a multipurpose platform that is dedicated to exploring themes of Blackness, indigeneity, liberation (decolonization/abolition), divestment from Western hegemonic systems, and radical imaginative futures.
It is our belief that survivalism and prepping for people of color looks different and is fundamentally opposed to white, Western survivalist philosophies. At our core is a dedication to communal survival and becoming reacquainted with nature in a return to original ways of being and primordial knowledge. This is juxtaposed with the oft touted lone wolf, man against nature, and man against man ethos expressed by people indoctrinated in white, colonialist thought. Moreover, our goal is to work with people of color, taking examples from the quilombos and maroon colonies, to promote skillset building for radical purposes and for establishing self sufficient, self determined communities and social/material structures; all of this while also emphasizing wholeness in body, spirit, and mind. We are thinking on what care and physical/mental preparedness look like and how they are connected.
This publication is also a resource for people engaged in activism and imagineering, cultural contributors, those who are just beginning to broach such areas of scholarship, creators and movers, adventure seekers, those looking to become happier and healthier through reconnection and reclamation, people who want to have fun, and folk interested in sharing ideas with those doing radical work across the globe.
Revolution Ready has faith in the power of combined minds of color and the power of our cultural expressions when unperturbed, uncoerced, and in communion. This platform seeks to be unapologetically pro-liberation and for people of color in solidarity; and it seeks to do this through the power of ideas, collaboration, ongoing conversation, and synthesis.

For submissions or any other inquiries, please feel free toย contact us!