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Passion BathFloral baths and herbal baths, or what some may call spiritual baths, have been a staple of many Indigenous cultures across the world for millennia. These baths have been thought to surround the bathing person with the elements and essences of the plants, roots, and herbs put in them. They are used for any number of reasons; drawing luck, aiding in love, recovering from trauma, inviting in prosperity, and relaxing. Not only are these baths great for the spirit, but the contents are medicine for bodies constantly exposed to toxic environments and stressors inherent in existing in a society held together by colonialist logics. In this bath, the weak acids found in the flowers and orange peels act not only as astringents, but also as brighteners, helping to dull spots caused by hyperpigmentation. They also contain properties that are antioxidative and anti-inflammatory, putting skin that is stressed or injured at rest. The astringent qualities will also help cleanse and strip unnecessary oils gently. There are some things to consider when taking floral baths. Know your allergies. Like any other medicine, nature's remedies may have side effects. It is important to use organic materials. Many store bought flowers will have dyes and pesticides or even glitter in them or sprayed on them. These baths are intentional and should center desires for yourself. This particular bath uses elements believed to be harbingers of love, strengthen passion, and promote beauty. Every moment of preparing this bath should be used to meditate on your wishes for yourself in those areas. Some will even speak these affirmations and requests to the flowers as they pluck the petals and to the bath as they stir it in the pot. It's important that you remember that these baths require your concentration, and that this is time for you to concentrate on you. You may choose to strain the bath or not. This bath may be taken a couple ways. After showering, you can run a bath and add it to the bath and soak for 15-30 minutes. When I choose to take it this way, I also light white or red candles, and put rose essential oil in my oil burner and soak while listening to a slow Janet Jackson playlist. However, it may also be taken as a sponge bath after your shower. Place the bath in a large basin, and when cool enough, sponge it on yourself starting at the tips of your extremities and washing toward the center of your body. After a floral bath, it is customary to allow it to air dry on you while still meditating on your desires and wishes, and then retire for the night.


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