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Jordan Edwards was a son, brother, student, football player…child. He’s gone. He was killed by a shot from a rifle fired by a cop. He was a passenger in a car leaving a party having heard that cops might have been heading their way. I like to imagine he believed himself to be doing the right thing. I also like to imagine that that is enough for our children. Again, we grieve and try to attend to honoring him as both a single child with a unique place in this world whose life was ended in a manifestation of violence so mundane that it is, sadly, unremarkable.

Rest well Jordan Edwards. 

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In all he does, Preston is unapologetically Black and has the utmost faith in Blackness. He is a creative with a very soft spot for children also having founded Sonus Village, a community that centers the voices of children and gives them the tools, room, and safety to advocate for themselves and the world they want to build. He's the lead singer of Socialite with which he loves to perform (of course he does...he's a Leo). He's a budding adventurer and spends his leisure pouring over essays and books in critical race theory to ponder Blackness, Indigeneity, marronage, and radical/revolutionary thought and divestment.

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