If you’re a creative DIYer, social activist, art lover, or industry professional with insight…we’re always looking to hear from you. We can’t guarantee that everything submitted will be featured, but it will all be seen. All artists should include information on artistic media, biographical information, press releases, facts about yourself, and a statement of philosophy. Feel free to speak on your submission, processes, social issues of importance to you, and your inspirations as well. If you are affiliated with a charity, please also include links to the charity’s site. Industry professionals, bloggers, and people with services, products, or insights that are helpful to artists…please submit a proposal and writing sample.
If you’re including a head shot or accompanying images, they should be either 72 or 300 dpi. If the nature of your submission is time sensitive, please include (Time Sensitive) in the subject line. Please allow one full month for a response. Visual Art:

Please email a link to your website/online portfolio, 3-11 attached images (72 dpi or 300 dpi will work).


Please email a link to stream your music (as we rarely use MP3 audio)


Please email a link to stream your video.

Written Work:

Written proposals and/or samples are preferred over full text submissions until interest has been verified through correspondence. Acceptable works include poetry, prose, screenwriting, short stories, novel excerpts with none exceeding five pages (first chapter for novels). We cannot accept work that has been published elsewhere (print or online) beyond one month. Simultaneous submissions are encouraged, however. At this time, all written material must be translated into English (inquire about exceptions).  Several samples can be sent at one time, but please, do not submit material multiple times. We can accept submissions in the following formats: .doc, .txt, .rtf, .pdf, .ppf or as an image (in the cases of visual poetry) using JPEG, TIFF, PDF, or PNG.


For any exclusives or for works that appear on Revolution Ready first, we make sharing available via reposting given acknowledgment that the visual or written work first appeared on Revolution Ready. We encourage sharing and aim to reach larger audiences, so all art and articles here are made available under the Creative Commons License.


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